About Us

Saint Behnam Orthodox Church

     St. Behnam Church in Toronto is descended of the original Syrian Orthodox Church. It is the fruitful gathering of the immigrants who arrived to the GTA heavily starting in the early nineties. St. Behnam church was established in March of 1996.   The church went through great developments such as welcoming and making new arrivals feel like they are at home.

The Church is consisted of a board of trustees, ladies auxiliary, and a youth committee. The three work interactively to develop the growth of the church.  The church is always willing to grow and develop for the essential purpose of building a stronger community to carry the word of our Savior Jesus Christ in the land of the Diaspora!!



Syrian Orthodox Background

     The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch the apostolic see of which was established in AD 37 by St. Peter, the chief of apostles in Antioch the ancient capital of Syria. It is therefore a Syrian Church. The faithful of this church are called Syrians after the name of Syria. At the dawn of Christianity members of this church were the people who had settled in upper and lower Mesopotamia and were either Jews or pagans who spoke Aramaic Syriac which was the vernacular language of ancient Syria. They were converted to Christianity through the ministry of the apostles and disciples who scattered after the martyrdom of Archdeacon St. Stephen in Jerusalem. Many of them came to Antioch to preach the Holy Gospel and multitudes of Jews and pagans were converted to Christianity by their efforts.